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Name:Issac Lahey

Pretty Boy Werewolf


Name: Isaac Lahey
Canon: Teen Wolf
Age: 18
Gender: Male
Race: Human Werewolf
Sexuality: ...Fluid
Hair: Golden brown
Eyes: Deep blue
Height: 6'1
Build: Built.
Likes: Music, languages, lacrosse, running, being a werewolf, Scott, Allison, Stiles when he's not being a jerk, and the Hale family when they are not being jerks, Chris Argent.
Dislikes: Being tied up, tied down, locked into small spaces, being helpless.


Isaac is not an easy person to understand - that is mainly because of the abusive nature of his relationship with his older brother and his father. For many years, Isaac suffered emotional and physical abuse at the hands of both of them - his brother out of retaliation to what their father did to them both, and his father out of some demented grief to control something in his life. When Cameron died, whoever Isaac was became further sublimated into simply Survivor. He was quiet because it kept him from getting stuck in a freezer for mouthing off. He was athletic because his father wanted him to be, and it kept him out of the freezer. He was a good student, because he didn't want his father to hit him. The only thing that Isaac really kept of himself was listening to and enjoying music and dancing.

That was for the first sixteen years of his life - until Derek Hale came and made him an offer, one he couldn't refuse. To survive, to become more than himself, to No Longer Be Afraid. Derek released parts of Isaac's personality that he thought buried - and they all came bursting out in a flood of anger and rage. His sensuality, his confidence, and underneath that, his need to be accepted for who he was, and not what someone else wanted him to be. Yet the more Isaac was able to come out of himself, he realized that he did not want to be like Derek, but instead another person, the most unexpected person of all.

Scott was the one who truly brought out the best in Isaac. By trusting him - by looking after Isaac and being the first person who actually cared openly on whether or not Isaac was going to be hurt - he drew out feelings of respect, and trust. He drew out loyalty, and compassion - something that Isaac had long thought had been killed in him. True, Isaac can still revert to his callous nature, and his sense of humor cannot be called anything less than caustic -- but the man he is becoming is one that he would want Scott to be proud of, and Scott's mother too. He cares, now, and he wants to do more than just survive. He wants to live, to travel, to meet new people and to find someone to love who is not obsessed with someone else - like his father, like Derek, even like Allison.

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